A screenshot of MySearchDial and its respective toolbar.

MySearchDial Toolbar is a malicious browser toolbar that promises to improve the user's browser experience by giving quick access to popular social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Once loaded onto the user's computer, MySearchDial Toolbar changes your default settings, such as DNS, default browser homepage, etc.


Its appears as a toolbar extension that adds features such as social networks access, websearch, smilies, etc. to the user's browser. MySearchDial Toolbar acts as a browser hijacker which is promoted using freeware software downloads via bundling. It is a corrupt browser plug-in that can be installed on popular browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox without user consent.

Once the user is infected with this malware, it automatically redirects all search results and web links to http:// or other websites related to its network.

How it gets on

Some methods of how MySearchDial Toolbar gets on are listed below:

  • Opening malicious and infected email attachments.
  • Downloading freeware and shareware stuffs from unsafe sites.
  • Visiting malicious websites and clicking suspicious links on it.
  • Using infected Network Drives.
  • Attacks from executable code scripts.
  • Using infected removal storage devices.

Side effects

MySearchDial causes frequent web redirects to malicious websites, and can lead the user to unexpected webpages with paid content and advertisements.

Harmful properties

Intrusion methods of MySearchDial Toolbar are tricky and difficult to identity. Once the user's system is infected, it badly affects the system and makes the computer's performance very slow and sluggish. Some harmful properties of MySearchDial Toolbar includes:

  • Get installs in the user's PC automatically without user consent
  • It presents itself as a toolbar in web browsers
  • Intelligently tracks online behavior and Internet activity
  • Displays a vast amount of advertisements, commerical popups, fake error messsages and alerts, etc.
  • Browser settings will be altered without user consent
  • Popular search engine search results will be redirected to malicious websites
  • Certain PC resources will be comprimised
  • Certain PC functions will be disabled
  • Noticeable issues in running or executing some PC programs